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   The last look for the playoffs this year.


   Briefly talk about how I think the Lakers should play the Heat. Still the same sentence, if you say something wrong, just listen to it.


   The reason why the Heat can get to this point is largely due to their defense, which is the clever use of the 2-3 zone defense. The Heat are a team that often exposes their defensive weaknesses on the court. They have many white players with poor defensive capabilities, but Spoelstra relies on one-handed defense, allowing Adebayor to take the other two forwards to defend. People, use area defense to cover this loophole.


   Coach Spoel has done a great job on "how to balance the team's defense".


However, you can’t deny the fact that there is an objective reality: on the Heat’s promotion path, they did not encounter a team that is very good at cracking the Heat’s defense-either, they don’t have a strong personal attack ability, or they don’t have enough. Experience in breaking zone defenses, or neither.


The Pacers’ overall strength is not as good as the Heat. The most important support is missing from the free throw line, Sabonis. The Bucks’ offense relies on fast break conversions and the pull of the shooter, but once they fall into position, the letters are lost by the Heat. Stopped by a human wall, their offense will gradually become paralyzed. As for the Celtics, if they had Horford, the situation would be much better, but unfortunately... they don't have it now.


   But the Lakers are different. The Lakers are a team that has both strong offensive capabilities and sufficient resources to break defenses.


   On how to crack the Heat's defense, they actually had a very successful experience as early as the regular season.


The Lakers will arrange the thick eyebrows to the free throw line area, which is the weakest vacuum zone under the 2-3 zone defense. The height of the thick eyebrows and mid-range penalty ability are an offensive threat that the Heat can never ignore, and a defensive formation is bound to appear Move, this time is actually time to do multiple-choice questions for the thick eyebrows, he will play whatever the defense gives.


The defender in the penalty area raised, he can hit the high and low line supported by the free throw line, and the defense line does not extend upwards, he can choose to shoot from the middle distance, assist in the defense from the diagonal 45, and the thick eyebrow is also able to complete the ball before the formation of the flanking shot. .

防守者在罚球区举起,他可以打罚球线支撑的高低线,并且防守线不向上延伸,他可以选择从中距离射门,从对角线协助防守45 ,浓密的眉毛也能在侧翼射门形成之前完成球。 。

   If you change to another team, the ability to respond to the free throw line is one of the problems. Whether the dealer can hand the ball is the second problem, but for the Lakers, neither of these two is a problem.


   More importantly, letting the thick eyebrows stand at the free throw line to make support is by no means the only way for the Lakers to solve the problem. James is equally capable of this role. Imagine that Rondo is standing at the top of the arc to deal with cards, and James goes to the middle to support him, allowing his thick eyebrows to stay on the bottom line and walk around. This is obviously also a deterrent way of standing.


   The defensive arrangement near the free throw line is an issue that the Heat need to focus on. Another problem lies in the rebound protection when defending the zone.


Zone defense often leads to loopholes in the team’s rebounding game due to the unclear distribution of opponents, especially when your upline is under great defensive pressure and has to involve more defensive attention. Whether the Heat can block the opponent's offensive rebounding rush is a question mark. You know, the Lakers are one of the teams with the highest offensive rebound rate in this league.


   But what if the Heat don’t defend the zone?


   Then they might have to face it. James named Duncan Robinson/Dragic/Taylor Hilo. Do you remember how the Celtics won G3? It is because they not only dealt with the problem of breaking the zone defense on the spot, but also used the method of point list play, which made Duncan Robinson feel breathless every second when he was on the court.

然后他们可能不得不面对它。詹姆斯(James)叫邓肯·罗宾逊(Duncan Robinson)/德拉吉(Dragic)/泰勒·希洛(Taylor Hilo)。您还记得凯尔特人队如何赢得G3吗?这是因为他们不仅处理了当场打破区域防守的问题,而且还使用了得分表打法,这使邓肯·罗宾逊在场上时每秒都感到喘不过气。

   When it came to the finals, it was nothing more than replacing the executor of this misplaced singles with LeBron James.


The Heat is a team that plays 1 big and 4 small. They have a 1.98-meter Crowder standing on the 4th position. In the stage of the Heat's guard, just match up and have thick eyebrows. Natural misalignment difference. On this basis, the Lakers can also arrange for James to make a roll call to kill Duncan Robinson/Dragic/Taylor Hilo, squeeze their playing time, and force Spoel to make adjustments in the use of personnel.


   Although the Heat have Butler and Iguodala, because the Heat have to put some defensive weaknesses on the court, it will give James many opportunities to avoid defensive strengths. Conversely, it forced the Heat to make adjustments in employment, leaving Spoelstra to make a dilemma between offense and defense.


  If you go to Iguodala, you can really improve the team in defense of James, but how about offense? When Iguodala appears on the court, the Lakers can choose to have their fifth position to match him. This will not only reduce the distance the center players run on the court, but also help them improve the protection level of the penalty area. .

如果你去伊戈达拉,你真的可以提高防守詹姆斯的能力,但是进攻呢?当伊瓜达拉出现在球场上时,湖人可以选择排名第五的位置来与他比赛。这不仅会减少中锋球员在球场上奔跑的距离,还有助于他们提高罚球区的保护水平。 。

   Of course, whether it is facing zone defense or man-to-man, shooting performance outside the three-point line will be the key to determining the Lakers game.


If three points are not allowed, the zone defense can boldly choose to empty the periphery, and then increase the intensity of shrinking inward. As for the roll call, the blockade of big delay will definitely appear in front of James, but no matter how fast you play the ball , The response point cannot be invested, it is no use.


   If the Lakers continue to misalign outside the three-point line and give the Heat to shrink the penalty area indefinitely, turn on the mode of more defense and less defense, and the basket of troops, then they are indeed not far from a car rollover.


   The Heat want to win, and they should also win at this point.


   After talking about how to attack, let's talk about how to defend.


   The Miami Heat are one of the best three-point shooting teams in the league. Adebayor's high-posters handed in to cover, and the shooters' empty-handed runs are their fixed tactical coordination and great lethality.


   But I am not very worried about the Lakers' three-pointer limit.


Green’s body and playing style are very suitable for defending against Duncan Robinson. Pop/Caruso/Rondo can also give Dragic and Hilo all-weather defensive care. At least in terms of style, the Lakers’ defensive resources are It fits perfectly with the Miami Heat's strong points. The pressure on perimeter defense is much smaller than in previous rounds.

格林的身体和打法非常适合防守邓肯·罗宾逊。 Pop / Caruso / Rondo还可以为Dragic和Hilo提供全天候的防御性护理。至少在风格上,湖人的防守资源是“热火”,这完全符合迈阿密热火的强项。外线防守的压力比前几轮要小得多。

   In terms of stats, they are still one of the best teams in the playoffs. In this year's playoffs, the Lakers only allowed their opponents to take 32.9 shots from the three-point line per game, ranking second in the league. You know, this data was completed when their opponent had the Houston Rockets, which is very convincing.


   But guarding against the Heat is by no means as simple as "As long as you guard a three-pointer, then you win" like the Rockets guard. They will shoot mid-range and will take the initiative to kill to the basket. So the important thing is how do you continue to hold the Heat's inward impact while stepping on the Heat's three-point line.


   Let's talk about counterpoint first.


   In the selection of the opening lineup, I don't think McGee should be used. As for the reason, I've said it too many times. McGee's choice of pick-and-roll prevention is a disaster. He can't control anyone. If Vogel continues to choose to believe in McGee, then I think this is mostly from the perspective of the player's mentality and offensive considerations, and it must be adjusted later, unless the game is too smooth, but this is unlikely...

在选择开幕阵容时,我认为不应该使用McGee。至于原因,我已经说了太多遍了。 McGee选择防浪花是一场灾难。他无法控制任何人。如果Vogel继续选择相信McGee,那么我认为这主要是从玩家的心态和进攻考虑的角度出发的,除非比赛过于顺利,否则必须稍后进行调整,但这不太可能...

   I personally want to see Howard start at the fifth position.


In the matchup, the Lakers can let James go to Crowder and let the thick eyebrow defend Jimmy Butler. This arrangement is the same as the second round of the Rockets, let the thick eyebrow defend Westbrook. JB's three-pointer, regardless of the amount Production and accuracy are not enough to make the Lakers feel excessive panic, thick eyebrows can be stayed near the penalty area for a longer time to help defense.

在对决中,湖人可以让詹姆斯前往克劳德,让浓密的眉毛捍卫吉米·巴特勒。这种安排与火箭第二轮相同,让浓密的眉毛捍卫了威斯布鲁克。 JB的三分球,无论产量和准确性都不足以使湖人感到过度恐慌,浓密的眉毛可以在罚球区附近停留更长的时间来帮助防守。

The advantage of this is that Howard can become bolder when dealing with high-position pick-and-roll defenses. He can choose to switch defenses or deal with greater delays. With thick eyebrows wiping his butt behind him, the Lakers' fifth position is fine. There is no need to let him squat behind the pick-and-roll like the Bucks used Daluo, watching Deng Luo hit an open three-pointer with the cover of his hand.


When it comes to the transition period, whether the Heat is playing a pure five-small lineup or taking a risk to try Olynike, the Lakers can respond with a thick eyebrow with a 5. At this stage, no one on the court can restrict it. . In addition, the Lakers can also boldly try to pinch the ball holder at this stage.

说到过渡期,无论热火是单纯的五人小阵容还是冒险尝试奥利尼克,湖人队都可以用5分的眉毛做出回应。在这个阶段,场上没有人可以限制它。 。此外,湖人在这一阶段还可以大胆尝试捏住持球者。

   This is what makes the Heat feel very uncomfortable.


   The Lakers have enough resources to consume and limit Adebayor, but apart from Adebayor, the Heat don't have a second reliable alternative. Adebayor has to maintain a stable and efficient performance in the fight with Howard, Anthony Davis and even LeBron James to help the team win. This is by no means an easy task. .

湖人有足够的资源消耗和限制阿德巴约,但除了阿德巴约之外,热火没有第二个可靠的选择。阿德巴约必须在与霍华德,安东尼·戴维斯甚至勒布朗·詹姆斯的比赛中保持稳定高效的表现,以帮助球队获胜。这绝非易事。 。

   As for the star abilities, the comparison is of little significance, so I won’t mention it.


   The Lakers' dual-core performance is too stable. Their resource reserves are very compatible with the Heat. Almost all of the Heat's strengths are within the control of the Lakers. In this case, it is not easy to win the Lakers.


   So, if you make inferences based on common sense, my point of view remains the same as the first three rounds-it shouldn’t be too difficult for the Lakers to beat the Heat.


   Of course, it’s not a day or two for the Miami Heat to be looked down upon. The game is useless to predict. What the outcome will be, we have to wait for the start of the game to see the venue.


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