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China News Service Client Beijing, October 19 (Bian Liqun) From Tianjin TEDA’s first win of the season, to Shijiazhuang Yongchang’s reversal of the Dalian native, to Henan Jianye’s victory over Wuhan Zall, the Chinese Super League’s relegation team finished three games. The weak wins the strong situation. Even in the championship match on the evening of the 18th, Shanghai Shenhua, who played with double foreign aid, also drew 0-0 against the powerful Shanghai SIPG. The "stupid birds" in the first stage of the Super League started to "fly" in the most critical second stage...


此前14场abo亚搏手机版app比赛3平11负的天津泰达队在第二阶段面貌一新。图片来源:中超联赛/IC photo官方供图

Tianjin TEDA, which had 3 draws and 11 losses in the previous 14 games, has a new look in the second stage. Image source: official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

天津泰达在前14场比赛中有3场平局和11场失利,在第二阶段有了新的面貌。图片来源:官方图片由中国超级联赛/ IC照片提供

The two-round knockout system is destined to be cruel and abnormal in the second stage of the Super League. Especially for the relegation team, a wrong step is likely to fall into the abyss.


It is exactly the same. From the second phase of the opening match between Tianjin TEDA and Shenzhen Kaisa, the taste has completely changed. With frequent hand-to-hand combat and the bloody nature of fighting every inch of the land, the excitement of the game has doubled compared to the first stage. Under the strong desire to survive, each team worked hard.


Those teams that seem to be uncompetitive in the first stage have shown a reborn trend. Tianjin Teda, who hadn't won the first 14 rounds, had 2:0 to beat the deepest football team this season. Henan Jianye, who had lost 11 consecutive double-lanes in the Chinese Super League and the Football Association Cup, defeated Wuhan Zall 1-0. Shijiazhuang Yongchang, who is not dominant in strength, turned the Dalianese under the command of the famous coach Benitez 2:1.


Compared to the stalemate on the game scene, this feeling of seeing a team that played well in the first stage is gradually approaching the abyss is even more chilling.


“大腿”马修斯伤愈回归之后一传一射,成为石家庄永昌逆转大连人的最大功臣。图片来源:中超联赛/IC photo官方供图。

"Thigh" Matthews passed and shot after returning from injury, becoming Shijiazhuang Yongchang's biggest contributor to the reversal of Dalian people. Image source: Official photo courtesy of the Chinese Super League/IC photo.

“大腿”马修斯受伤重伤后通过射门,成为石家庄永昌人大逆转大连的最大贡献者。图片来源:官方图片由中国超级联赛/ IC图片提供。

In fact, before the start of the second stage, the outside world has anticipated that some previously under-performing teams may bottom out and rebound. However, in the three relegation group games that have been completed, the collective defeat of the strong by the weak is still shocking.


But as far as the competition is concerned, whether TEDA, Yongchang or Henan Jianye, winning the game is well deserved. The three teams showed strong pertinence and precise positioning in their respective games, placed themselves in the weak position, lost their burdens and tried their best with their opponents, fighting back on the basis of doing a good job of defense.


On the contrary, teams with seemingly good strengths on paper like Shenzu and Dalian have problems in the course of the game, such as vague positioning and inability to implement targeted play.


苏亚雷斯和艾哈迈多夫的加盟,彻底激活了阿奇姆彭。图片来源:中超联赛/IC photo官方供图。

The joining of Suarez and Ahmedov completely activated Achim Peng. Image source: official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

苏亚雷斯和艾哈迈多夫的加入完全激活了阿希姆·彭。图片来源:官方图片由中国超级联赛/ IC照片提供

And in terms of the strength of the current three "Stupid Birds" lineup, it is by no means as weak as I think. After TEDA introduced former SIPG midfielder Akhmedov and Portuguese Super striker Suarez, the entire central axis has been upgraded. The successive additions of new players have also revitalized Achim Peng, who was previously difficult to support.

就目前三支“愚蠢的小鸟”阵容的实力而言,它绝不像我想的那么脆弱。在泰达引进前SIPG中场阿赫梅多夫和葡萄牙超级前锋苏亚雷斯之后,整个中轴已经升级。接连不断增加的新球员也使以前很难得到支持的彭欣欣(Achim Peng)焕然一新。

In the first stage, Jianye and Yongchang both encountered a passive situation of disorganized foreign aid, which more or less affected their results. After the lineup in the second phase is complete, it will naturally be "resurrected with blood." Like the former, Bassogo, Dorado and Kalanga are all players who have proved their strength in the Super League. For Yongchang, Matthews and Muric have two sharp knives and can play against SIPG and Guoan. It played a great role, let alone the Dalian people whose defense line was unstable.


In addition, Tianjin TEDA and Henan Jianye both abandoned the first stage very early and focused on the second stage of preparations, while Shenzu, Dalian people, and Wuhan Zall lost the final moments to enter the championship. The group hoped, so the "stupid birds" were more fully prepared and seized the opportunity to "take off" at the beginning of the second phase.


多拉多利用点球机会为河南建业攻入制胜球。图片来源:中超联赛/IC photo官方供图

Dorado used the penalty kick to score the winning goal for Henan Jianye. Image source: official photo courtesy of Chinese Super League/IC photo

多拉多利用罚球为河南建业打进了胜利球。图片来源:官方图片由中国超级联赛/ IC照片提供

Since there is no away goal system in the second stage, the score difference between the three relegation matches is not big. TEDA leads Shenzhen by two goals, and Yongchang and Jianye both have the advantage of one goal.


But in this kind of cup competition, each team pursues pragmatism, and the three leading teams are good at defensive counterattacks. In the lead, they will make full use of this advantage.


Judging from the abilities demonstrated by Shenzhen Football Team, Dalian People and Zall in the past, they are not absolutely competitive in the offensive of positional warfare. It is not easy to tear off the opponent's tight defense while also guarding against the opponent's rapid counterattack. thing.


But everything is possible on the football field. There will be a gap in the 100 secrets. Maybe a mistake by one party can completely reverse the situation. In a cup match, whoever made the mistake in the final analysis. As for whether the "stupid birds" can eventually escape their lives collectively, the mystery will be revealed in the new week. (Finish)

但是在足球场上一切皆有可能。 100个秘密之间会有一个缺口。也许一个政党的失误可以完全扭转局势。在杯赛中,无论谁在最后的分析中犯了错误。至于“笨鸟”最终能否集体逃脱生活,奥秘将在新的一周揭晓。 (完)

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