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Speaking of psychological quality, Mai Chao has a psychological quality that many Chinese players do not possess. According to statistics, he has never missed a penalty in a formal game. Fans know how many stars have fallen in front of the 12-yard line. With such a long career, it is amazing to have no penalty missed.


In the impression of many fans, the strongest defender in Chinese football should be General Fan, because many people have not watched the game of Mai Chao. He should be the defender who has scored the most goals on behalf of the Chinese football team so far, with 20 goals. Such data has been surpassed for nearly 30 years, and I do not know whether there will be a national football guard surpassing Mai Chao's record in the future.


For Mai Chao's career, the national team game should be regarded as the most important period of his entire career. The 1988 Seoul Olympics and the 1989 World Cup qualifiers should be the most memorable national team career of his career.

对于麦超的职业生涯而言,国家队的比赛应该被视为他整个职业生涯中最重要的时期。 1988年首尔奥运会和1989年世界杯预选赛应该是他职业生涯中最难忘的国家队职业。

In the qualifiers of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, the Chinese national team can be described as having twists and turns. In the first stage of the qualifiers, the national football team, Hong Kong, and the Philippines were divided into a group. In terms of strength, the Chinese national team is definitely better than the two opponents in the same group. However, in the two games against Hong Kong, China, the national football team did not play too easily, with 1 win and 1 tie difficult to advance to the second stage as the first in the group. Mai Chao recalled that after the 5.19 tragedy, the national football team was always a little bit awkward when facing Hong Kong, China. Fortunately, in the end, they defeated their opponents and got the first place in the group. It is conceivable that the pressure on the national football team was not comparable. There are few players now, but they have defeated their opponents by relying on solid skills and excellent mental qualities.


In the second round of the Olympic qualifiers, China was divided into a group with Japan, Thailand and Nepal. Whoever wins the first place in the group will advance to the 1988 Seoul Olympics. It can be said that the biggest opponent of the Chinese team is the Japanese team. China has played twice. After losing 0 to 1 in the first round, the football team defeated Japan 2:0 in the away game. Mai Chao was a key player in the Sino-Japanese war. In the end, the national football team successfully won the ticket to enter the Seoul Olympics. This should be Chinese football history. Participated in the Olympics for the first time.


The opponents of the National Football Team of the Seoul Olympics are West Germany, Sweden and Tunisia. They are all very powerful opponents. In particular, West Germany has many football stars such as Klinsmann. Although, in the Seoul Olympics, the Chinese team won 3 matches, 1 draw and 2 losses, but at least we know the gap with modern football: the combination of technology and body, the speed of offensive and defensive conversion, the rich tactics and other aspects.


After the baptism of the Seoul Olympics, national football players have greatly improved in all aspects. Both domestic fans and the Chinese Football Association are full of hope for the Chinese national team to hit the 1990 World Cup in Italy. At that time, the level of the national football should be considered first-class in Asia. In Asia, that is, Saudi Arabia and South Korea are stronger than the national football. However, the current Asian brother Iran was only at the same level as China. In the first round of the qualifiers, the Chinese national team encountered two black three-minute blacks in the next round of the second round of the sixth round with the first group in the first round of qualifiers, which made many old fans of the national football still remember. new. In the first game against the strong Asian rival Saudi Arabia, since the national football team was behind by one goal, Mai Chao scored two goals. In the end, the national football team defeated 2:1 and won. At that time, the whole country was confident that the national football team would enter the World Cup. Unfortunately, in the face of the weaker UAE, although the national football team had a 1-0 lead that lasted until the 87th minute, they were scored 2 goals in the next few minutes of the game. After the game, many fans blamed the offense on the bench. Dong Liqiang with 2 mistakes.


No matter what, the national football team was too sad, and the national football team lost 0:1 regrettably to South Korea in the next two games and beat North Korea with one goal. According to the points situation at the time, as long as the last Warring States football team defeated the relatively weak Qatar in the group, Chinese football would make a historic advance to the 1990 World Cup in Italy.


But in this crucial battle, the national football soldiers made the same mistakes as in the second game. They still advanced by one goal. The score advantage lasted for more than 80 minutes of the game. In the end, the Qatar team scored 2 goals in a row. After three minutes in black, the national football soldiers cried very much after the game. Perhaps at that time our overall technical and tactical capabilities and mental quality did not reach the first-class in Asia.


In an Olympic experience, coupled with the two black three-minutes in the 1990 World Cup in Italy, then Mai Chao gradually faded out of the national team and focused more on the Guangzhou team. He has made great contributions to Guangdong football and even Chinese football. Although he has been exposed to some scandals in both his player and coaching career, he still cannot change his football status in the southern Guangdong region.



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